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도움이 필요한 곳에 이웃의 사랑을 전하는 굿네이버스

Good Neighbors protects and counsels children who are unprotected due to abuse, financial difficulties or absence of family. We support professional services and diverse programs to facilitate healthy physical and emotional growth of children

  • Foster Care Support Center
  • Child Welfare Support Center
  • Child Welfare Institutions

Foster Care Support Center

Foster care is a way to protect and support children who are unable to live with their parents, for reasons of child abuse or financial hardship, by providing them with another home. The Foster Care Support Center thoroughly investigates and discusses each foster child’s individual characteristics and background to choose the most suitable foster home, ensuring the healthy growth of children. Various programs are in place to assist children settling in their foster homes, and Good Neighbors closely oversees and assists with the whole process up to the return to their homes. Professional educational and counseling sessions are also run for potential foster families. Good Neighbors has been operating the Ulsan Foster Care Support Center since 2003, having been referred by the local government.

Foster care procedure : Child in need of protection → Confirm need for foster care → Foster home selection → Forming relationship between foster child and foster family (Relationship building program) → Placement in foster home → Case monitoring → Return to birth family , Foster home selection procedure : Approval of family members → Application to become foster home (via local offices or foster care centers)→ Foster parent education and counseling → Home visit → Forming relationship between foster child and foster family (Relationship building program) → Placement in foster home → Case monitoring → Return to birth family

Child Welfare Support Center

The Child Welfare Center offers systemic child welfare services including counseling, temporary protection and treatment to children who require social protection due to circumstances involving abuse, neglect, running away, homelessness and lost children. Good Neighbors, which established the Gangwon Child Welfare Center in 2006, supports professional services and programs to ensure healthy physical and emotional growth of local children.

Temporary Shelter
  • Admission to shelter and temporary protection of children in need
  • Counseling, psychiatric therapy and medical care
  • Establishment of future plans to nurture growth
  • →Physical and Emotional Stabilization of Child in Need of Protection

Temporary protection procedure

Child in Need of Protection {Referral) → Municipal Office (Measures) → (Admission,Referral)Temporary Shelter (Protection, counseling, therapy and education)→ Return to birth family Foster care Child Welfare Center

A child in need is referred to the municipal office and admitted to the temporary shelter and receives protection, counseling,therapy and education. The child is then referred to the district office again and may either be returned to the birth family,placed in foster care or a child welfare center.

Child Counseling
  • Counseling and psychiatric therapy for children and parents
  • Relief of emotional stress through professional counseling and psychiatric therapy services, Restoration of family relationships through parent and family counseling

Counseling procedure

Application for Counseling  (child/parent)→ Registration/Initial Interview interview → Psychological Testing(Establishment of Therapy Plan Case Evaluation ) → Counseling, Play Therapy(Follow-up Care) → Art Therapy

Support for Child Welfare Institutions

Good Neighbors has supported 36 child welfare institutions across the nation since 1991 to nurture those living in group homes and childcare facilities into healthy and independent individuals.

Support for Child Programs, Workshop for Guidance Counselors, Provision of Supplies and Volunteers, Sponsoring Scholarships, Meeting with Heads of Institutions, Cultural Events Including Camps for Children, Protect Children’s Rights by Assisting Healthy Growth and Independence of Children
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